Maine Dental Association

Incorporated in 1867, the Maine Dental Association (MDA) is a professional membership organization of licensed dentists whose object is “to provide representation, information and other services for the dentist members and, through the dentist members, promote the health and welfare of the people of the State of Maine.”


  2014 Maine Dental Association Annual Convention



                  2014 Annual Convention Brochure

                  2014 Annual Convention Registration Form

                  2014 Annual Convention Dental Student Registration Form

                  2014 CNA Registration

                  2014 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Registration

 Exhibitor Packet                                                                                   


The Maine Dental Association is collecting data for advocacy and awareness efforts to demonstrate the commitment of Maine dentists to provide care for those in need. Information is reported on a collective or anecdotal basis, without the use of any names.

Please use the link below to open the form.  It is a writable form that needs to be saved before closing.  Please email or fax to the office.  Fax #207-622-6210 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You!

 Donation of Services Form






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